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We are excited to introduce the OTK Publications website, featuring erotic romance novels. Our first offerings are from author Simone Freier - her "Experiences" series, an Intelligent Erotic Romance Saga

The Experiences series is an epic love story of erotic relationships and sexual desires.  It is an exploration of kinks and fetishes and, ultimately, the transformation of pain into pleasure.  Written in a ‘social realism’ style, the Experience series introduces Sam in the prequel (Origins of a Fetish), and the blossoming of his intimate relationship with Kelly, a beautiful but troubled woman half his age in future volumes.  Fantasies and real-world adventures coalesce to mold a unique bond between unlikely lovers.  Where needs are mutually satisfied in an open, creative and trusting environment.  Where physical and mental boundaries are pushed.  Where the concepts of love and sex are never confused, but sometimes confusing.  Where openness is required and intimacy is expected.  And where fair-is-fair, regarding the punishment of transgressions.

EXPERIENCES Series Synopsis:

Sam is mature and sexually experienced; he is enthralled by the concept of submission, which forms the basis of most of his fantasies.  He envisions himself as a dom, introducing a young female to submissive experiences, and eventually training her to be his sex slave.  His turn-ons include psychological and physical submission, discipline and pain, medical sex, and role play.

Kelly is an intelligent and strong woman, half Sam’s age, and still defining her sexual identity, and discovering her own turn-ons.  While she is fascinated by Sam’s fantasies, and willing to experience the submissive role, Kelly discovers that she is excited by a broad range of sexual situations.

Sam and Kelly explore their fantasies together and with some of Kelly’s friends, providing new perspectives and opportunities for each of them.  Sam finds that his role as dom is weakened by his feelings for Kelly, and unwillingness to take Kelly to her limits.    Along the way, Kelly learns that her greatest turn-on is taking the dominant role:  She is the strong one, who masterfully fulfills the role of domme, ultimately being trained as a dominatrix, and training Sam as her submissive.